Never Wrestle with a Pig

Look… we all enjoy a fight of some kind, yes..? Of course we do. Some like to wave their fists about (the obvious and most obviously unacceptable one I suppose)… some like to hide behind their computer or phone keyboard and simply troll other online people (in an equally unacceptable way, really).

Whatever ‘your’ kind of fight… there are some fights that are just not worth getting into, other than perhaps publicising their futility and usually gross ignorance of the victim(s).

Trust me… there are people and organisations that love to fight more than you do and… they are better at it, have more power than you and also have a penchant for emerging from a fight smelling as sweet as the proverbial rose.

So… get stuck in… have your go but be aware… if you’re fighting a ‘pig’..? You’re fucked..!!


Never wrestle with a pig… you’ll just get dirty and… the pig will win.

and yes… the picture is my own



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