Pig 3: CantrII… a free… something or other… usually free-for-all..!

So… where’s the pig? The pig in this instance is not the game the following blog post is about… nor does it refer to any one of the game’s players (dwindling as they are) why do try to play it as it was originally intended…

…it is, the pig, a literary embellishment of what can only be described as either a small hive of stupid human beings or a bunch of fucking cheats..! We will unpack as we go.

The game: CantrII (clickety click) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG). You can get the gist of it from their home page… I won’t bore you but, suffice to say… it’s role playing in a text based environment where… you can make up to 15 characters and ‘live’ their lives in a social simulation containing some ‘physical’ elements… houses, machines and the like… blah blah…!

So… First off… we probably still need to define some additional terms here.

Role play… is simply acting out the part of another character, often associated with some kind of learning or therapy now but also the acting out of a character in a role playing environment.

OOC (Out of Character)*… simply, any information which is known or used ‘outside’ of the actual role playing itself.

IC (In Character)*… to be clear, is what the role play character knows and does.

The pigs in this instance..? are cheats… plain and simple, and here’s why, without going into the whole Role play etiquette thing or explaining all the terms, there is one single, sure fire… never to be breached principle… the capital rule (clickety click). The capital rule basically states that OOC knowledge or information should not and can not be used by a player IC, and to the advantage of a character (or, by the same virtue, the disadvantage of another character)… simple… no ambiguity there at all, right?


Breaches of the capital rule can be 1. an error through not understanding what is IC and what is OOC or, 2. a desire to cheat..!

Take for instance, the character who has an IC beneficiary or… a character who suddenly turns up in a location precisely when required (to fend off an enemy or whatever).

Thus the one rule that ALL players should not only adopt but fully embrace… is there to ensure that your in-game characters basically know only what THEY know… and NOT what ‘you’ (the player) knows or wants them to know. If you have a character that suddenly desires travel… and because ‘you’ want them in a certain place in the game? That is a breach of the capital rule… if you have a character that loads gifts onto another of your characters (or indeed, the character of an out of game friend who plays it), to give them a leg up in the game? That is a breach of the capital rule.

Lets be blunt… breaches of a rule such as this WILL advantage the player and their characters… and should that player desire advantage in the game, (even something as dull as meeting up with their partner in the game) then that player WILL breach the capital rule. Simple..!

Of course… there are many ways to breach the rule… some obvious and some a little more subtle, and why? Because, in truth, nobody can tell why a character travels and nobody can tell why a character helps another. These can be plainly obvious but difficult to know. They’ve been around in the game ever since I played it basically and well… you just live with them… it’s tough but game cheats are not a new phenomenon.

What seems to be a new phenomenon is the blatant and almost public (at least shared in small game player groups) collaboration which lends itself to in-game advantage. Yes! A breach of the capital rule… collaboration involves the sharing of information like which player plays which character… where people need to be in the game… the sharing of resources with characters… planning in-game strategies for things like piracy out of game, rather than your characters doing it in-game… and so on.

And wait, before you post a comment stating that collaboration is not new either… I agree… massacres took place in this game in the past because of skype or other external communication channels… and in order to make IC massacres as swift as possible… as effective as possible… whatever you want to call it. Whatever name you tag it with… it is not IC… these are OOC events and I know… I have played through them… there is no role play involved in these agendas. Sad but true.

The truth, as I see it now, is that these collaborative agendas in the game have never been more prolific. I have seen these as well… I have been at the wrong end of it where, players have contacted me out of the game to discuss progress… character desires and the like.

To me it is simple cheating… almost a paranoia led inability for some players to play the game without some form of external endorsement toward their characters. You know what..? It’s also pathetic… it brings to the overall game a ‘meta’ environment which is simply unplayable (assuming you ‘stick to the rules’)… and, it is the single reason I quit playing this game after something 8 or 9 years.

I hate these players… who play 15 characters who all appear similar… have one simple and single minded agenda and have only one way to progress, using OOC knowledge to their advantage.

I have even been exposed to some players offering me OOC information about other players in order to ensure their characters do not suffer at the hands of a natural game progression. It’s selfish, blatant and, you can make your own mind up on this one but, being inflammatory about another player using untruths is also immoral!

These cheating ‘pigs’ are beyond intervention now. The game admin don’t appear to care, and either there are just too few of them to intervene or they also actually enjoy the environment as it currently exists.

Fuck them! I have spoken to members of staff and the players department who insist they are trying to manage the ‘poorer’ role players but eventually just take any information you give them and try and protect their own game. That’s an abuse.

The game is also in trouble from other areas. They actually need to be fucking careful about taking ‘feedback’ on the elements of the game that not only myself dislike and using it inappropriately.

Don’t get me started on privacy policies and GDPR… there is NONE..!! So by all means… go and sign up… just make sure you are fully appraised of just what information is used for what here (not forgetting that after you have offered them your details… your in-game participation will produce data in its own right… and so on)

Anyway… suffice to say that this game is ruined for me… and because of people who just fail to grasp the concepts driving it… and oh dear… some of their defence of the reasons why they play as they do (on the rare occasion they share anything) are woeful, ignorant ‘blasts’ at their critics… a lot of passive aggressive posturing or just ‘shouting’ until the argument has evaporated.


Welcome to Pig 3… enjoy..!!






Pig 2: Hmm…

Well here we go then… into the blue… a bat out of, whatever it is a bat come out of… all flapping and squeaking like a… well, a bat!

Before we begin out adventure into ‘blogging’… a.k.a. spouting banal shite in the hope that some idle fucker will read it, let us get a couple of facts straight (as well as a certain irony, it has to be said):
1. Do I like blogs? Not really.
2. Do I read blogs? Not often.
3. Do i have a life that is even remotely equipped to survive without internet communication? No.

Hence… this blog, and the irony inherent within utilising the very thing i hate, for entertainment… of a sort.

So… what do we blog about then, now that we have come this far..? Well, I’ll tell you… not a clue… I suppose I could blog about something political, maybe something about the garden or the new kitten, alas… It’s all been done. To be honest, I rather believe that even blogs about the banality of blogs have been done too.

I guess I need a hobby, and then I’ll blog about that then. Until then however, the first blog (see Pig 1) has kinda set the scene/feel already… so there we are… it’s a blog that will indeed spit vitriol at the world and it’s authorities.

That’s it for now… I’ll get back to you, when I get the fucking potters wheel, and no boubt will soon have these pages full of shit about failed, miserable looking lumps of wasted clay.

Thankyou and happy blogging… NOT..!

Pig 1: Self-fulfilling Psychiatry.

According to Wikipedia… a self-fulfilling prophecy is:

…a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself…

Fine. this makes sense to me, but it is important to make clear that because a self-fulfilling prophecy creates it’s own prophetic ‘truth’ that it is easiest to start from the assumption that the underlying piece of knowledge that even allows a self-fulfilling prophecy to exist is… ‘false’.

The golden rules:

  1. a ‘perceiver’ has an expectation of a ‘target’
  2. the ‘perceiver’ behaves in ways that elicit their expectations
  3. the ‘target’ elicits… expected behaviour (for the ‘perceiver’)
  4. the ‘perceiver’ then simply ‘sees’ the expected behaviour.

There are examples of these self-fulfilling prophecies, simple ones too (without getting bogged down in the examples from literature which are all tied up in irony and the like and to my mind, appear to be a little less useful in the ‘real’ world).

Imagine that you get a new teacher, you really like them and believe that under their instruction you will do better (perceiver expectations). You work harder to this end (perceiver’s eliciting behaviour). The teacher does what a teacher does and teaches the whole class (the target just behaves), and well, what do you know… you do better (you see what you expected to see).

Now imagine… and apply that same process to you feeling some kind of mental unrest* and a psychiatrist**… that person who has the capacity to help your mental unrest by employing a variety of treatments.

Basically… you don’t feel ‘right’… you imagine and expect a ‘doctor’ to help… behave in ways to reify your ‘symptoms’ to ensure the help you ‘need’… the psychiatrist treats you… you ‘see’ your illness..!!

And… there you go..!! Job done..!!


*perhaps a period of depression, anxiety and for a variety of reasons… loss, cash flow… all perfectly acceptable responses to perfectly natural events.

**granted, you might not immediately desire visiting a psychiatrist but you can be pretty sure that your GP might if your ‘symptoms’ involve any kind of risk to yourself or someone else..