Pig 3: Wow… a free online game..?!!

Please note… whilst this post represents a real ‘pig’… it does end in a shameless plug but, for something very well worth checking out.

Well… firstly… not… it’s fucking not..!!

Oh sure… the ‘app’ is free but c’mon… who of us hasn’t downloaded the app and had a ball for like a week and then… boing..!!

You say… I nee this to get this, and the app says… oh yes… you get this here, for these ‘coins’ or ‘diamonds’ or whatthefuckever the game ‘currency’ is… so you say, right off we go… *rubs hands together, enthusiastically* and the app says… oh sorry… you don’t have enough ‘currency’ yet… but you can get some here… #99.00 of your earth currency gets you XX.00 of our own exclusive fictional currency… just click here..!! And so on and so on…

Free game..? FUCK OFF>>!!

Personally… I am sick to fucking death of these ‘free’ games and worse… trying to delete an account with these organisations is another head-fuck..!! I am actually in a fight with ‘a game company’ to remove my account after I used my earth currency to buy their exclusive fictional one and it all went to shit after that… a long story that I won’t explore because they assure me that the error I described couldn’t possibly have happened..!! You’ll have to pardon my ignorance here but after being told this… I just now assume that any bit of game code that communicates with another bit of game code… using a bit of game code is the most secure thing in the fucking world now… I am only surprised that the government isn’t using Pokemon-Go to secure all their data… but anyway… I digress…

And now… the shameless plug..!!

There is a game I play, which has been around for a long time and… I… love… it..!! It really is free.. you hear me..? FREE..!!

Sure… you don’t get to flick your balls at fictional (yet, yes, quite cute) monsters… and… yes, I hear you ask… what else would you do with your balls when faced with a cute monster..? Well, personally and because of my recent experiences… I just watch mine shrivel away and go and make a cup of tea.

Jesus..!! My digressions are becoming a problem… so, this game then… the free one… the one that won’t oblige you to buy coins or whatever to progress… yes… it’s true.. it… really…is… free… from start to finish…

Well… you need a brain (by this I really mean an imagination… you don;t have to have a fucking doctorate or anything… although some of the players do have them) so by all means, if your experience of playing online games ends at monster hunting on top of garages or wherever… just stay there… this is probably not for you… trust me… you need a brain… sorry, an imagination and some basic writing skills, and a curiosity of what it would be like to be someone else, although you can learn this as well as the game conventions as you go because, the community that the game sits in, are not (to my mind) the judgemental bastards who work for [insert name of company here: iff you can demonstrate, beyond doubt, in a court of law that this is a true representation] (Honestly… I could show you the emails).

Check it out… please… right here… or if you need to see the name immediately –> CantrII.

A friend introduced to this game many years ago, and I fell in love with it immediately… it is text-based MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game) and fi you like anything to do with role playing, think you can maintain a character, through their life, trying to get by in sometimes trying environments… forming relationships… just plain living (and I should mention… sometimes dying too) I urge you to just have a look..!

Get fid of these fucking corporate money sucking shit-for-brains ‘free’ games and settle for nothing less than a real but manageable challenge, and hey… if it doesn’t suit you… tell your friends… I am on a massive signing up bonus (That’s not true… I just want to see more people enjoying this game… it has a lot of players but… it’s truly a massive world..!! You’ll have to acquire a ship to see it all..!!


Pig 2: Hmm…

Well here we go then… into the blue… a bat out of, whatever it is a bat come out of… all flapping and squeaking like a… well, a bat!

Before we begin out adventure into ‘blogging’… a.k.a. spouting banal shite in the hope that some idle fucker will read it, let us get a couple of facts straight (as well as a certain irony, it has to be said):
1. Do I like blogs? Not really.
2. Do I read blogs? Not often.
3. Do i have a life that is even remotely equipped to survive without internet communication? No.

Hence… this blog, and the irony inherent within utilising the very thing i hate, for entertainment… of a sort.

So… what do we blog about then, now that we have come this far..? Well, I’ll tell you… not a clue… I suppose I could blog about something political, maybe something about the garden or the new kitten, alas… It’s all been done. To be honest, I rather believe that even blogs about the banality of blogs have been done too.

I guess I need a hobby, and then I’ll blog about that then. Until then however, the first blog (see Pig 1) has kinda set the scene/feel already… so there we are… it’s a blog that will indeed spit vitriol at the world and it’s authorities.

That’s it for now… I’ll get back to you, when I get the fucking potters wheel, and no boubt will soon have these pages full of shit about failed, miserable looking lumps of wasted clay.

Thankyou and happy blogging… NOT..!

Pig 1: Self-fulfilling Psychiatry.

According to Wikipedia… a self-fulfilling prophecy is:

…a prediction that directly or indirectly causes itself to become true, by the very terms of the prophecy itself…

Fine. this makes sense to me, but it is important to make clear that because a self-fulfilling prophecy creates it’s own prophetic ‘truth’ that it is easiest to start from the assumption that the underlying piece of knowledge that even allows a self-fulfilling prophecy to exist is… ‘false’.

The golden rules:

  1. a ‘perceiver’ has an expectation of a ‘target’
  2. the ‘perceiver’ behaves in ways that elicit their expectations
  3. the ‘target’ elicits… expected behaviour (for the ‘perceiver’)
  4. the ‘perceiver’ then simply ‘sees’ the expected behaviour.

There are examples of these self-fulfilling prophecies, simple ones too (without getting bogged down in the examples from literature which are all tied up in irony and the like and to my mind, appear to be a little less useful in the ‘real’ world).

Imagine that you get a new teacher, you really like them and believe that under their instruction you will do better (perceiver expectations). You work harder to this end (perceiver’s eliciting behaviour). The teacher does what a teacher does and teaches the whole class (the target just behaves), and well, what do you know… you do better (you see what you expected to see).

Now imagine… and apply that same process to you feeling some kind of mental unrest* and a psychiatrist**… that person who has the capacity to help your mental unrest by employing a variety of treatments.

Basically… you don’t feel ‘right’… you imagine and expect a ‘doctor’ to help… behave in ways to reify your ‘symptoms’ to ensure the help you ‘need’… the psychiatrist treats you… you ‘see’ your illness..!!

And… there you go..!! Job done..!!


*perhaps a period of depression, anxiety and for a variety of reasons… loss, cash flow… all perfectly acceptable responses to perfectly natural events.

**granted, you might not immediately desire visiting a psychiatrist but you can be pretty sure that your GP might if your ‘symptoms’ involve any kind of risk to yourself or someone else..